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    Zuidhal Vierwindenhuis

    Zuidhal Vierwindenhuis

    The Zuidhal is one of the four common spaces in the Vierwindenhuis.  Of the four basic elements, the Zuidhal represents ‘air’ and has blue as its theme colour.  With its footbridges inside, high up in the hall, it is a meeting place for residents coming and going from their home on the different floors.  You stand literally ‘on air’ when you speak on the 3rd floor to your neighbour on the 4th floor.

    Air is also the reproductive medium for sound. This is why the Zuidhal was destined to serve as theatre and ‘concert hall’.

    Use of the Zuidhal from 20 August 2020
    The Zuidhal is managed by volunteers, residents of the Vierwindenhuis. We cannot and do not want to be present at the activities in order to keep an eye on whether everyone adheres to the required measures. We do expect users to abide by our rules.
    Edwin Scholten, tel. 0613060853, is responsible for ventilating the Zuidhal before an activity starts and will stop by at the end of your rehearsal/music to check whether the Zuidhal is ready for the next user. Kindly call him just before you leave.
    Under the following conditions it is allowed to rehearse in the Zuidhal:
    1. You will only come if you have no corona-related complaints
    2. A maximum of 10 singers/musicians can be present, including the possible conductor(s).
    3. No use is made of the kitchen
    4. You provide your own refreshments, disinfectant gel and tissues
    5. When you enter, wash your hands with the gel you brought with you.
    6. The blue ‘canopy’ and the doors are closed and stay closed during rehearsal/music.
    7. The ventilation in the Zuidhal is not optimal, nor is it possible to get optimal ventilation at this time. The fan is operated with a dial in the kitchen.
    8. Ventilating:
    – The fan is OFF during the activity
    – The activity lasts a maximum of 45 minutes
    – 15-minute break with the door open, Fan ON, no noise in the courtyard garden where smoking is not allowed
    – Door closed, fan off
    – Maximum 45 minutes of activity
    – Then open the door and leave quietly, no talking in the courtyard garden.
    9. Before playing and during the break, fresh air is let into the hall
    10. The chairs will be positioned for you and can remain in place after the rehearsal/music.
    11. You walk in one direction, around the chairs and not between the chairs.
    12. Clean the keys of the wing before leaving the room.
    13. Clean the seats and doorknobs before leaving the room.
    14. If toilet visits are necessary: you must decontaminate the used toilet after each visit.

    We hope that, despite these measures, you will enjoy playing music in the Zuidhal.

    On behalf of the Zuidhal committee,
    Edwin Scholten
    06 1306 0853


    These rules are based on the Dutch webpage:  Protocol Sector Cultuureducatie en -participatie, updated 30 June 2020.



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